I’d like to introduce you to my BJD family. Whilst their characters are not related they share a common element by being mine ^^. As I get more BJDs (I can’t forsee me selling any for a while, if ever!) I’ll update this page.

nauticaa-volks-yori sd13

Nauticaa – Volks Yori SD13

Nauticaa is my first BJD and i got her back in April 2014. I was in Tokyo and had been looking for a doll to bring back (I was looking for a maiko or geiko) and had been searching throughout our entire trip for one. I then stumbled upon the amazing world of ball jointed dolls and Volks was one of the only stores close enough, on the last day in our trip, to be able to buy something to take with me. After much running around and looking, I picked out Yori. She’s been with me ever since and I hope to buy her a kimono on my next trip to Tokyo along with a few other really cool things I came across.


Tskara – Iplehouse E.I.D Lahela

Tskara is my first Iplehouse BJD and she is a beautiful sculpt. She also illustrates my second attempt at a Face Up which I am eager to attempt the third (once i’ve figured out what materials I can get in the UK). She is a second hand doll and came with a certificate, box and head plate. She is also a beautiful light brown skin (tan) and came without a face up. So there started my attempt at faces and I discovered I have no patience for eyebrows and eyelashes!


Annabel – Iplehouse K.I.D Irene

Annabel is my first mid sized BJD (MSD) and she is an incredible poser. She is a special real skin with face up option C. I got her straight from Iplehouse and she is a beautiful little doll and I’ve given her Tskara’s Mako Owl eyes and Tskara has the eyes Rebecca came with. You can see Rebecca’s unboxing article here.


Chen Chei – Iplehouse E.I.D Bichun

Chen Chei is one of my grail dolls. He’s on a Superhero body which is huge and he’s also incredible heavy. I find he doesn’t pose very well probably because he is too loosely strung, so I will need to restring him at some point. He comes straight from Iplehouse and is a rare example of special real skin and face up option B. He is a beautiful sculpt and at some point I plan on making him armour.


Pochan – Iplehouse B.I.D Erzulie

Pochan is part of my top ten wishlist. He was actually an unexpected purchase as I had planned to get him as a girl and without fangs but when I saw him come up on Iplehouse auction I realised that I was happy to compromise to get him now as Ebony skin is a rare skin to get at Iplehouse as it’s not always offered.


Tidus – Iplehouse Y.I.D Oscar

I had been eyeing Tidus for a while and when he came up in Iplehouse Auction I thought let me add him to my collection. He is tightly strung which is great as it means he stands well. He has a custom face up and is in special real skin.

Falcon – Iplehouse H.I.D Falcon

He is the largest of my collection. The Limited Iplehouse HID Falcon 1st Edition. He comes complete with tattoos, hand and body blushing as well as Limited Edition Face Up and outfit. This giant is in Glow light brown skin and is too beautiful to hide! I really should take him out for photos more often…

Nehana – Iplehouse B.I.D Efreet

She is an Iplehouse Efreet. Serious and pouty she is very beautiful in a darker solemn way. She is my new travel buddy if I’m bringing one of my dolls to work.

Solus – 5th Motif Venitu

I had seen 5th Motif Venitu around for a while but I never took to him, then I saw some photos of him and began to see his potential. When I heard he was being discontinued I realised that I must have him and made the jump! I’ve not looked back since ^^ He is in copper oriental skin.

Kuro – Dollshe 8b Robin

In Caramel Brown skin, Robin is the one of my first Dollshe’s. He also has absolutely no clothes or wigs designed for him which means he sits on my shelf waiting for everything.

Seta – Dollshe 24M Grant Phillip

Dollshe Grant is a stark contrast to the rest of my dolls. He is the first of the large Dollshe dolls and he’s also the first pale doll I own as I tend to lean towards coloured dolls. His character is meant to be very different from the others.

Dollshe Amanda – Arrived!
I have long admired her sculpt and noplaced the order in December 2016. I hope she’ll arrive before December 2017

Dollshe Diana Pale and Dollshe Diana Ebony- Arrived
I’ve never been a person to buy the same sculpt twice, however this sculpt looked perfect for having a ying yang style twin. They look beautiful together.

Bubblepet Molly – Christmas Gift – Arrived!
A free gift, I’m curious how it will turn out.

Iplehouse HID Lahela – A surprise addition! Will be posting photos of her when I can

Iplehouse Ashanti

After hearing Ashanti was being discontinued by Iplehouse I realised that if I ever wanted to get her, then I needed to get her now. Originally I just planned on getting her head, then I realised I didn’t have an ebony body for her.

Dollshe Fashion Rey Lewis

Dollshe Fashion Amanda