Iplehouse Limited Edition HID Falcon Box Opening

Arrival Date: 26 March 2016
Company: Iplehouse
Size: HID (1/3 Scale Equivalent) Man
Face Up: Option A
Skin Colour: Glow Skin Light Brown
Thigh Type: General Thigh
Special Options: Tatoo, Body blushing and hand blushing

Today I received my first Iplehouse HID ball jointed doll, the limited edition Carved Heritage “Falcon”, who’s character is a tribal leader. He’s a marvellous sculpt! So intense!


He came with beautiful brown eyes and a beautifully blushed body. The glow skin is really nice, though as I haven’t had the normal light brown skin it’s hard to tell what the difference is.


The HID sculpt is well done. Not overdone at all! I tried putting my EID superhero shirt on him but it won’t fit, his shoulders are too broad. Looks like specialised HID clothing is the way forward for this guy or I learn to sew…


The head piece, a part of his full outfit, is really nice and I’m sure it’s resin. Still it fooled me at first because I thought it was a real skull!


His limited edition outfit is well made though the buttoning confused me at first. The clothes do make the character though! I didn’t get the wig as I already have lots of wavy, long haired wigs floating around.


Here he is with my Iplehouse BID, Pochan. I’ve taken a couple of comparison photos with my EID Bichun and EID Lahela and will upload these in a new post.

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