HID Falcon Limited Edition BJD from Iplehouse – Ordered!

HID Falcon from Iplehouse BJD doll

Image copyright by Iplehouse (to be replaced by my own photos)

When Iplehouse first announced the arrival of the new and much larger, muscular HID Falcon (Hercules Iplehouse Doll) a few days ago, my first thought was, “ooooooh”. I really am a sucker for muscles!

Still I had no intentions of buying a doll. After all I had already recently ordered a Dollshe Grant and received Pochan (my Iplehouse BID Erzulie) and Tidus (my Iplehouse YID Oscar). I was content to wait.

Then the unthinkable happened.

A sneak peak of HID Falcon was released. I remember sitting on the train, looking at Iplehouse on my phone and gasping out loud. He was utterly breathtaking. The more I looked at him and what he represented the more he slotted perfectly into my existing doll universe. Leader of not just a tribe but of a resistance against my villain’s empire.

From there my mind descended into a chaotic round of trying to figure out how to acquire him. Sitting at over 74cm tall and almost 4kg heavy (not to mention being a limited edition). The price for him, exactly as pictured above, is the astronomical sum of over $1800. This is the kind of money that could have gone towards a new computer, a new phone or even a new car! It’s even more expensive then the life-size Trinity dolls rolling about the internet.

Dollmore Trinity Elysia box opening

Dollmore Trinity picture by Damasquerade on Flickr

I know in my mind, as little as a year ago, if you had asked me, “would you spend that much on a doll”? I probably would have laughed in your face and called you crazy. After all I’m far too sensible to do something so silly right?

Now here I am utterly committed to getting this doll. I have far less an emotional connection to a new iPhone, computer or even a car than I have to this doll. Whilst I’m not entirely sure if I’ve gone mad and been caught up in the heat of the moment, I believe in not having regrets. The fact is the entire universe my dolls reside in (all except one), I’ve been formulating for years and I’ve written scraps and histories and even composed an entire mythology. It’s all an intensely emotional story overall.

HID Falcon Information

Enough of me babbling! Now for the details of HID Falcon!

  • Height : 74 cm
  • Weight : 3.7 kg
  • Head measurement : 23.5 cm
  • Neck measurement : 14.5 cm
  • Chest size : 43.4 cm
  • Shoulder width : 23 cm
  • Arm length : 24.5 cm
  • Arm measurement : 15.5 cm
  • Wrist measurement : 7.8 cm
  • Waist measurement : 30 cm
  • Hip measurement : 36.5 cm
  • Thigh measurement : 22.5 cm
  • Waist to toe length : 47 cm
  • Ankle measurement : 9.5 cm
  • Foot length : 10.2 cm

I’ve ordered him in Iplehouse’s new Glow Skin Light Brown with:

  • Full outfit
  • Head piece
  • Face Up A
  • Body Blushing
  • Blushed Hands
  • Tattoo and Tattoo blushing

As part of the Limited Edition and first release of HID line, he will also come with:

  • Limited Fairy Pendant (first 30 orders only)
  • Black jeans
  • Coat
  • Jumper
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Bag

Overall, quite a few free goodies as well. Sadly the wig he is wearing was out of stock but I have a couple of other wigs he can wear and I think he’ll look just as great in.

Now on to crafting his throne! Will post more details about that once I have some sketches done.

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