Top 10 BJD Doll Wishlist

As you may have noticed googling “BJD” results in hundreds of sculpts (models) and many different companies with different styles. In building my top ten list I have narrowed it down to Asian BJD’s and to 5 companies. These companies are the following:

  1. Iplehouse – aims for realistic sculpts and also has a greater collection of ethnic sculpts than any other company I know
  2. Dollshe – aims for realistic sculpts but offers more realism than Iplehouse, however realistic sculpts are limited
  3. Fairyland – very unearthly type BJD’s, more fairy like yet very beautiful
  4. Volks – very beautiful dolls, with larger eyes and closer to anime style
  5. Dollzone – makes a lot of the sculpts that are humanoid but also have a variety of non humanoid dolls.

There are many dolls that I like from these companies which I haven’t included in this list because I want them all but can’t get them (yet!). With out further ado, here is my top ten (photos provided are not my own and are courtesy of their respective owners):

1 Iplehouse Ashanti Now Collected!

Fall in the Air

Photo by Frankenwah

As one of the first BJD’s I ever saw online, Ashanti holds a place in my heart as she has more ethnic facial features which I love a lot. I hope to get her in either Light Brown or Ebony skin one day.

2 Iplehouse Omar

Photo by Iplehouse

A limited Edition doll, I think he’ll be a marvellous addition to my current family and I really can see him looking stunning.

3 Iplehouse Claude


photo by babychan80

One of the few realistic smiling dolls I’ve seen available.

4 Volks Saki

Umm....May I ask what your hidden agenda for staying over at my place is, miss Milky? (@time_capsule 's Milky)

Photo by TURBOW

   When I got my first BJD, Volks Yori, I realised I liked the more realistic sculpts. However as the months have passed since getting my Iplehouse I realise that the Volks dolls are really beautiful in another way and I would love to get Saki – another beauty. Hopefully on my next trip to Japan.

5 Dollzone Moment


Photo by Yalki Palki

One day whilst browsing the customisation subforum on Den of Angels I came across this beautiful doll. After a lot of looking I decided that one day, if I could, I would get this doll. The curves and uniqueness appeals to me.

6 Fairyland Minifee – Celine


Photo by Linaka

When I went to a BJD meet in Texas early 2015, one of the owners brought along their customised Fairyland Minifee and she is so incredibly beautiful! I loved looking at her. So on the list she goes.

7 Fairyland FeePle 65 Chloe

gwen_feeple 65 chloe fairyland bjd 06

photo by Bunny Lê Như

FeePle65 Chloe is an old model but I find her really appealing, especially as she has a sleeping head also.

8 Iplehouse Erzulie – Now Collected!

[Iplehouse BID Erzulie] Dinah

Photo by Meïko

One of the only baby style dolls which I actually find really beautiful, Erzulie is an a BID size and I would get her in ebony skin.

9 Dollshe Grant Phillip – Now Collected!

Grant again

Photo by SDink

A giant among dolls, Dollshe’s Grant can be considered in some ways more realistic than Iplehouse dolls when it comes to body details.

10 Iplehouse Asa

Asa Iplehouse

Photo by Anastasiya Yuranova

Last and not least, Iplehouse Asa is what I was searching for, long before I knew about BJD’s. When I originally went to Japan and wanted to get a doll in a kimono (then I ended up buying Volks Yori), all along it was Asa who I sought. 

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