KID Irene’s day out

A trip to the park with KID Irene discovered some useful things. First and foremost, other than being really sturdy, her hands are great for grasping onto things like branches.


I placed her in a small tree and she was incredibly stable. Iplehouse did a good job on the posing. I love how she poses. I’m really tempted to get some other hands for her, to have a variety of gestures for her (not just grasping).


I think her pants are too tight though and restrict her range of movements. I think a kung fu outfit is definite and I hope I can create some beautiful styles, for her and my other dolls.

KID-Irene-tree-branch1 KID-Irene-tree-branch

Then tragedy struck. I set her down on the floor and stood her up to take a photo and before I knew it a gust of wind came along and she face planted onto the rough surface with a smack! Hurrying over I saw the damsge left to her little cute nose and I felt so terrible. I had earlier planned on taking out EID Bichun but had brought him back inside when I felt how windy it was. I knew that he definitely would have toppled. Still Irene was so sturdy, it never occurred to me that the wind would blow her down as she’s so light ><

So now I have the painful decision of either:

  1. Boiling the tip of her nose back into shape as suggested on Den of Angels forum (and possibly ruining her makeup)
  2. Using epoxy and sculpting her nose and then blushing and sealing (though you’d probably be able to tell the difference since I haven’t tried it before
  3. Sanding her nose down and resealing, this would change the shape of her face though and I may mess it up further.
  4. Contacting Iplehouse and requesting a new head and make up (the resin may not match the body)
  5. Creating a little band aid for her nose and make it part of her character
  6. Customise her nose in some other way
  7. Turn her into a ninja thus, by default her nose is covered up.



If anyone has any ideas, please leave a comment.

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